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Política de Privacidade

Faceminas, through these policies, informs and protects itself with respect to the privacy and usefulness of the information provided by users on its official website: www.faceminas.com.br

The User, defining and accepting to be in full agreement with this privacy policy, is warned of application of the terms below:


1.0 - The data will be provided by the user through the technologies that he chooses to use the product if supported, such as: Computers, Smartphones, etc...

1.1 - It is defined and known by the User that the data for public and restricted use to be provided if there is agreement with this privacy policy are: PUBLIC: Full Name, Date of Birth, Photo, State, City, Dissertation of the "dream" of the participant. RESTRICTED: Education, Name of higher education, Type of higher education, Date of completion of higher education, Name of higher education institution, CPF (individual registration).

1.2 - The data will be provided by the User exclusively in the forms intended for this purpose within the product in question.


2.0 – Faceminas protects itself from storing the collected data confidentially and will not transfer them to third parties who are not linked to the services provided by the institution or who have not been hired for the proper purpose of storing the information.

2.1 - It is granted by the User to store the data specified in item 1.1 for an indefinite period, this data will be provided by the User spontaneously when agreeing to this action.

2.2 – The User acknowledges that cookies will be saved in their web browser that will allow the correct use and functioning of the product, such as the storage of temporary data or any information that is necessary for analysis of use.

2.3 - The User allows Faceminas to store the data provided (and consequently to share it) on third-party platforms contracted for analysis of future campaigns, productivity measurements, marketing and advertising.

2.4 - Faceminas is assured of the right to delete the data provided if necessary, especially if these data are not in accordance with items 1.3 and 1.4.


3.0 – Faceminas assures the User that it will not make public (exposed) use of restricted data specified in item 1.1 of this privacy policy.

3.1 – The User grants Faceminas permission to make use of the public data specified in item 1.1 on behalf of the institution in the following situations: marketing campaigns and digital marketing (online), product promotion and content dissemination. These data may be publicly displayed through websites, pamphlets, billboards, banners, posters, social networks, among other various media platforms that fulfill the aforementioned objectives.

3.2 – The User grants Faceminas the sharing of data with individuals or legal entities that have a contractual relationship and that provide services to the institution.

3.3 – The User grants Faceminas publications of his/her photo if this data specified in item 1.1 has been provided. this photo will be published through the product in question and/or in the situations already specified in item 3.1.


4.0 – The User grants Faceminas permission to send messages about the institution's products and services to the provided e-mail address.

4.1 - The User may at any time stop receiving messages to his/her e-mail address provided allowed in item 4.0 by accessing a link for this purpose that will accompany all e-mails sent to the appropriate address.


5.0 - The User is aware that changes in this privacy policy may occur, in case of relevant changes Faceminas will inform the User through an email message.


6.0 - Faceminas assures the User that it will guarantee the security of the data provided at the time it is responsible for it, that is, after receiving and storing the information, guaranteed in items 2.0, 2.1, 2.3 and 2.4.

6.1 - Faceminas assures the User that it is not responsible for any security problems that are only related to the technology chosen by the User to send it or because of its Internet connection, that is, problems prior to the sending of unrelated information with items 2.0, 2.1, 2.3 and 2.4.